Best Ecommerce Platform for Wholesale

Wholesalers do need great online platforms to sell their products. Yet it is often hard to choose the best platform among those that are used to create eCommerce websites. The thing is, wholesalers are about selling using a business-to-business model or B2B which is usually less discussed publicly while it…

Magento PWA: Brings Native Apps and Web Apps Closer

PWA Magento is the Progressive Web Application technology that is aimed at bringing the experience of native apps and web apps closer. What does this mean? Practically, online shoppers are going to experience app-like shopping experiences via mobile and desktop devices equally.

What Are the Benefits?

In general, progressive apps are awesome because they…

Magento to Shopify Migration

Migration from Magento to Shopify looks like migrating the entire house from one location to another. Sometimes, it is a very desired and even necessary thing. Though, moving the entire house is a huge deal because it needs thorough preparation and large commitment from all members of the migration process…

Headless commerce is about a different way of coordinating development activities. Traditionally, there is a front end and back end, and these two are coordinated to produce a great result. With the headless approach, the frontend presentation (head) has been decoupled from the backend commerce functionality. This means that the…

SOFTLOFT: Ecommerce Innovators

SoftLoft is an innovative eCommerce software company that offers full range of Magento services and custom web development. Link:

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